Sunday, 7 October 2018

Nuuk, Greenland. July 23, 2018

Above:  One of the many fishing vessels to be found around Greenland.
Note the harpoon gun wrapped in canvas on the bow.
Above & Below:  The 'Settlement Vessel' Minik Arctica alongside.  
Royal Arctic Line carries cargo all along the Greenland coast. 
To see this ship's schedule, click Here.

 Above & Below:  Container vessel Mary Arctica working cargo.
There are no roads between the various communities in Greenland so ships are the major method of delivering cargo.  This ship's schedule, click Here.

Below:  Several photos around Nuuk taken by the Captain
of the yacht I was working on.

 Below:  Lots of rocks.  Good foundations for buildings.
Below:  On the left is the trawler Polar Qaasiut.  On the right is the yacht I worked on. 
Below:  In the lee of the hill that houses various oil / fuel tanks was this tent.
Tanker Oratank alongside the fuel dock. 
  • IMO: 9336713
  • Name: ORATANK
  • MMSI: 220516000
  • Gross Tonnage: 3691
  • Summer DWT: 4901 t
  • Build: 2007
  • Flag: DENMARK
  • Engine Builder: MAN DIESEL & TURBO
  • Engine Cylinders: 5
  • Engine Power: 3248 kW
  • Engine Stroke: 350 mm

 Above & Below:  Trawler Polar Qaasiut unloading.
  • IMO: 8813702
  • MMSI: 331074000
  • Vessel Type: TRAWLER
  • Gross Tonnage: 2340
  • Summer DWT: 1100 t
  • Build: 1989
  • Engine Builder: WARTSILA FINLAND
  • Engine Cylinders: 9
  • Engine Power: 2938 kW
  • Engine Stroke: 320 mm
  • Propeller: 4 FIXED PITCH - 4?  Perhaps a typo on the MarineTraffic site.

Above:  Shrimp, one of the species that is fished off Greenland.
I doubt they are that happy to be caught, though.

 Above:  Faroese cargo ship Sandfrakt.
  • IMO: 6602496
  • MMSI: 231059000
  • Vessel Type: GENERAL CARGO
  • Gross Tonnage: 299
  • Summer DWT: 575 t
  • Build: 1966
  • Flag: FAROE IS
  •  Engine Build Year: 1970
  • Engine Builder: ALPHA DIESELS
  • Engine Cylinders: 5
  • Engine Power: 368 kW
  • Engine RPM: 400 rpm
  • Engine Stroke: 260 mm
  • Propeller: 1 Screw Propeller Controllable pitch LB 5.00 at 400 rpm
Above:  Patrol Vessel Sisak secured in Nuuk.
  • IMO: 8915562
  • Name: SISAK
  • MMSI: 331000056
  • Vessel Type: PATROL VESSEL
  • Gross Tonnage: 144
  • Build: 1989
  • Engine Builder: CUMMINS
  • Engine Cylinders: 12
  • Engine Power: 597 kW
  • Engine Stroke: 159 mm
  • Propeller: 1 FIXED PITCH

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Nuuk, Greenland. July 22, 2018

To see a larger version of each photo simply click on it.

Above:  New apartments below the hill.  Nuuk is growing extremely fast.
Below:  Harbour & clouds.

A day without coffee is like...I'm kidding.  I don't have days without coffee.
Some Canadian fishing vessels come into Nuuk to unload.
Nuuk is much closer to the fishing grounds than any Canadian port that has a processing facility.
Belle Isle Banker from L'Anse au Loup, Labrador.
Below:  Heading back out.

Above & Below:  Local fishing vessel & tour boat, both outbound.
Below:  Several photos of Nuuk taken by the Captain, who was kind enough to share them.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Freeport, Bahamas. January 28, 2018

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Sometimes, one has to take "Mental Health" breaks.
 Majesty of the Seas arrives for a drydocking.
IMO:  8819512
GRT:  74,077
Displacement:  35,064 tonnes
Net Tonnage:  47,599 tonnes
Length:  628.32 m
Beam:  36 m
Draft:  7.88 m
Year Built:  1992
Cabins:  1178;  Berths:  2744
Main propulsion is SEMT Pielstick
But, I cannot find out how many engines this ship has.
Engine Stroke:  400 mm
Cylinders:  9
Power:  21,840 kW
Propellor:  2 x Fixed Pitch
Once clear of the water you can see the two props.
Above:  New materiel for the Polarcus Asima.
Polarcus Asima; a Research/Survey ship.
IMO:  9538127
GRT:  7,894
Net Tonnage:  2,369 tonnes
Deadweight:  4,450 t
Length:  92 m
Beam:  21 m
Year Built:  2010
This ship has 111 berths & 69 cabins!
Main propulsion is Wartsila Finland
Engine Stroke:  200 mm
Cylinders:  9
Propellor:  2 x Controllable Pitch

Above:  Another attempt to restore balance.
These were very nice noise-cancelling headphones.  
I left them on an airplane.  I hope someone else is enjoying them.
Another ship for repairs, crew change, etc.  Telluride.
IMO:  9256248
GRT:  40,763
DWT:  72,344
Length:  228 m
Beam:  30 m
Draft:  14 m
Year Built:  2003
Crude Oil Capacity:  491,535 bbl
Ballast:  32,153 tonnes
Main propulsion is 1 x Man B&W
Engine Stroke:  2,400 mm
Engine Bore:  600 mm
Cylinders:  5
Power:  11,300 kW
Engine RPM:  105
2 x Z Peller solid LB 5.0
Fuel Consumption:  38 tonnes/day @ 14 knots
Propellor:  1 x Fixed Pitch

Svitzer Hanne
Svitzer Chirripo
 There are times when you must exercise your safety equipment.
Fire monitor test; used to fight fires on other ships, rigs and ashore.
Vega Scorpio departing after delivering a cargo.
Even in paradise the sun does not always co-operate.

 Svitzer Pacuare
IMO:  9788148
GRT:  461
DWT:  146
Length:  28.2 m
Beam:  12.6 m
Draft:  5.3 m
Year Built:  2017
 This tug is classed by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping),
A1, Towing vessel, Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1, AMS, ABCU
Don't ask!