Sunday, 14 June 2015

June 13, 2015 Welland Canal. M R Kane & Radium Yellowknife

Algoma Enterprise below Lock 2.
 Followed by the Twillingate towing what will be the Niagara Sunset Queen.

 With the M R Kane as the pushing/braking tug.
Hull for the Niagara Sunset Queen.  The owners, Niagara JetBoats, will finish construction in Queenston on the Niagara river and the ship will be used as a tour/party boat.

They would tie up at the wall above Lock 8 while the Algoma Enterprise locked down.
 The Kane's fleet mate, Radium Yellowknife, came upbound with a barge full of blue wrapped things.
 Once again, I wonder what they are?

 On the way to Lock 2.

 Tug is registered in Vancouver although it has been on the Great Lakes for years.

June 12, Welland Canal

 Algosoo passes Virginiaborg above Lock 1 and heads for Lock 2.

 Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of geese...
Sheesh, they've been prolific in their fecundity this year.
 A whole bunch of Virginiaborg between Locks 1 & 2.

 See the dude in the door?  He will be one of the people on the ship who handles lines when they tie up in Lock 1.

 Passing the Algosoo yet again.

 Tug Wilf Seymour and barge Alouette Spirit above Lock 1.
 Loading ramp, roll-on, roll-off.
 She usually carries aluminum / aluminium.
 For a while back in the day McKiel tugs were orange.  Ewww.

June 11, 2015 Welland Canal

 Polish Steamship Company's Regalica above Lock 1.
 Carries her own cargo grabs to unload bulk cargoes.

 Twillingate unbound above Lock1.
 This is an old Coast Guard search & rescue cutter.
 I have it on good authority that these are most uncomfortable in any kind of sea, 
yet they were very effective at their jobs.

June 9, 2015 Welland Canal

 Edenborg below Lock 2.  One of many ships from this Dutch company that visit the Great lakes.

 Tug Victory & barge GM 6506 at the Homer bridge.

 Old name of the barge was Energy 6506, and you can see that below the new name.

 Victory above the Homer Bridge on her way to Lock 3.

 Peter R Cresswell below Lock 3.
 Whistler upbound at the Homer Bridge.

 Monsieur le Pilote on the starboard bridge wing as the ship approaches Lock 3.

 Whitefish Bay above Lock 1.
 With some lovely warm weather clouds highlighting her journey.