Friday, 31 July 2015

July 28 & 29, 2015 Welland Canal

 Algoma Harvester at the Homer Bridge.

 Suspended animation.  Looks like they are cleaning out the holds for the next cargo.
 Approaching Lock 3.

 HHL Amur below Lock 2.  HHL = Hansa Heavy Lift.

 Mollie M 1 & barge below Lock 2.

 Below:  Port Weller Drydock
 Algoma Hansa below Lock 2.

 Early, early morning!
 On the way to Lock 1.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

July 27, 2015 Welland Canal

Algoma Discovery in the dry dock in Port Weller for  work.  She's still afloat and her generator is still providing power as evidenced by smoke from her exhaust.
 Algoma Transport upbound above Lock 1.
 In Port Colborne at IMS yard (International Marine Salvage) not much left of the former floating restaurant Jadran.
 A couple more ships being dismantled.

 Manitoba passes the Algoma Transport below Lock 2.

 Manitoba passing the dry dock with the Algoma Discovery in the background.

 Manitoba in Lock 1 and all clear for Lake Ontario.
Fairbanks diesels smoking as usual.
 Redhead below Lock 2.

 Approaching Lock 1.

July 27, 2015. Nordana Sky, new Desgagnes ship, in Welland Canal

On March 26th Ferus Smit delivered M.V. ‘Nordana Sky’ to Symphony Shipping after successful seatrials.
On her maiden voyage the special ECO bulbous canoe bow proved to perform very good in rough seas, with moderate acceleration levels and high sustained speed in large waves.
 The Nordana Sky has now been chartered by Transports Desgagnes and reflagged Canadian.
Nordana Sky is the first vessel in a series of six ships of the completely new ECOBOX general/project cargo ship design. It features a single large boxshaped hold of 429.000 cft that can be optionally sailed ‘open top’ without maindeck hatches. 
After loading windmill components in Esbjerg the vessel made a stop-over in Kritiansand, where a large 500 tons knuckle boom crane was loaded on deck as project cargo for the U.S. 
Below:  Crane can lift 85 tonnes at a radius of 18 metres, 50 tonnes at 28 metres.
Her hull carries 10550 DWT at main dimensions (Loa X B X T) 122.5 X 17.0 X 7.8 mtr. The deckhouse is placed on the foreship to optimally protect the cargo. Cargo handling can be done with the ships own 50/85 tons double cranes.  
 Double Plimsoll mark.  I can find no information on this setup.  
Does anyone know about this configuration?
The Nordana Sky has now been chartered by Transports Desgagnes
and reflagged Canadian. 
 Approaching Lock 8.  
The Pilot & Captain were very tenuous and approached the lock with extreme slow speed.

 Below:  Clear of Lock 8 and Bridge 21 in Port Colborne the ship heads for Lake Erie and Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

July 26, 2015 Welland Canal

Harbour Leader above Lock 1 on her way to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Used to be called the Clipper Leader.
Bound for Lock 2.