Friday, 29 January 2016

Huacheng Hotel in Guangzhou, China. Sept 24/15

Hotel facade & Lobby.
We spent one night at the hotel before joining the ship.

See-through shower in the hotel room.

 Another view of the lobby.  Dom, tallest guy in the city!
 View down the street with shipyard crane in the background.

 Many companies and ads had familiar lettering but many more had only Chinese characters.  I had a feeling of helplessness when confronted with many of these signs, so much so that I expect that is what it is like to be illiterate.

 Electric scooters, a staple from of transportation.  Several of the crew brought one home with them.

 The building housing LLT's office at the shipyard.  Wiring and parking.
 And one of the many shipyard cranes visible in the distance.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Welland Canal, April 27, 2015

 Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes above Lock 1.
Kirkeholmen below Lock 2.

Algoma Enterprise and Algoway pass above Lock 1.
 Algoway; worked hard during her many years of service.
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Off the Coast of China, October 2, 2015

 Delivery crew of Lower Lakes' Manitoulin.  The duty engineer is not in the photo.
 We had to anchor for about 24 hours.  Our passports were taken ashore to be inspected and stamped.  Exit visas were approved.  Our shipyard representative, a Chinese national, also had to go ashore to visit the authorities and get approval to leave with us.  He stayed on board for the entire trip and was a great help at troubleshooting many small electrical glitches and translating many of the delivered items that were only in Chinese.
 All these ships were also anchored close by.
 During our stay the cast changed regularly, with ships coming and going at all hours. 
 This was a non-pilotage area so the Captains of each ship got to do their own ship-handling.

 Some of the local stuff was a bit questionable.  Below is the craft that was used to transport people and passports to and from the Manitoulin.
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 One thing about particulates in the atmosphere, they make for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

 Looking in one direction gives you an idea of the number of ships in the anchorage.  They were all around us.

April 24, 2015, Welland Canal.

Algoma Equinox on the wall above Lock 1 as the Lady Doris passes.
Apollon upbound from Lock 1.

Research ship CCGS Limnos on her way back to her base in Burlington, Ontario.

Cement carrier English River below Lock 2.

Harbour First upbound toward Lock 2.

Appolon above Lock 1.
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Peter R Cresswell slides toward Lock 7.  This would be her last season of operation.  She is currently laid up at the scrap yard in Port Colborne, Ontario.