Sunday, 20 March 2016

Pigeon Island, St Lucia. February 22, 2015

Nahlin is a 91 metre motor yacht, custom built in 1930 by John Brown & Company in Clydebank (UK).  She has steel hull and steel superstructure.  Beam 12 metres and draft 4.5 metres.
Cruising speed of 15 knots.
Accommodation for 14 guests and up to 47 crew.

 Ryndam at anchor.
 View from the Wind Star.

 Wind Star at anchor.

 Our transportation from ship to shore.
 It was very hot inside the lifeboat despite the wind.

 Two more views with different lighting.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Welland Canal. March 19, 2016

The Welland Canal is due to open Monday, March 21 for the 2016 shipping season.
The first ship through the canal is usually from the Canadian Coast Guard; the trip to place lanterns on the buoys and check the buoys for correct position.
In this case the ship is CCGS Griffon which has spent the winter above the canal doing icebreaking and ice escort work.  The Griffon is now headed to Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence Seaway for spring buoy work.  Above, after leaving Lock 2 the Griffon launches its workboat.
 The workboat is used because the buoys that mark the channel edge may have moved into shallower water.  Rather than risk damaging a capital asset, the ship, a small, shallower boat is used.
 Once the workboat is off doing its thing the Griffon slowly proceeds downbound toward the 2nd buoy on this level.
 Perfect light conditions in the evening.

 Griffon is the oldest ship in the Canadian Coast Guard.  Most of its nearly 50 years have been spent on fresh water so the hull is in excellent condition.

 Above, the Captain gives a wave.  Many years ago I stood in that same place.  Very enjoyable.
Approaching Lock 1.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Bridgetown, Barbados. February 21, 2015

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 Agulhas Stream working cargo.

 Azura, one of the way-too-big cruise ships that sail all over the world!

 Barbadian Coast Guard base & their Patrol Ship PO2.
We met a graduate of the Canadian Coast Guard College's Caribbean program while in Bridgetown.  He is now a harbour pilot there.

 Above:  Gas Prodigy anchored in the roads.  There were a great number of ships at anchor.
 Noordam above and Oceana below.

 Oceana anchor and painter.
Noordam seen through the Oceana & Royal Clipper.
 Oceana leaving.

 Still leaving!

 Paul at the signal station.
 Pelagic , anchored, above.
 Pilot Boat Bridgetown.
Cell phones are everywhere!

 Pilot Boat Bridgetown.
At least the cruise ships have doors close to water level for the pilots to use.
Poison on the tourist dock.

 Polsteam's Prosna working cargo.

 See the technician working on the dome?  No harness, just a belt.
 Royal Clipper.

 Sea Dream.  This ship followed us all over the southern Caribbean.
 Our ride, Wind Star
 Some Wind Star crew above.
VDR on the Wind Star.  Sort of like the "Black Box" on aircraft.
 Tug Barbados II standing by for the Wind Star to sail.