Friday, 28 April 2017

Mystic Aquarium. April 23, 2017

Welcome to...
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 First you pay,
Then the annoying photographers take your photo.

 Belugas.  More down the page.

 In motion.

 There were no butterflies this day.

Above:  Flightless birds.
Below:  Flighted bird.

 The Sea Lions were inside and they had a performance for all concerned.  The Sea Lions certainly had the humans well trained.  They would make a small movement and the human would give them food.
 For a considerable fee you could frolic with the penguins.  One customer paid the money, then would not leave the entrance area, so no frolicking took place.

 They certainly can swim fast.
Each penguin has a unique piece of identification on one wing.

 Above:  We two.
 Outside.  A wonderful display of critters that inhabit the real world.
There were tadwogs and pollypoles galore!

  And, lots of turtles sunning themselves.

 You find the strangest things.
Actually, there was a pond with RC Boats that you could drive around.
These navigation rules were posted there to point out what you need to know.
It was too early in the season for their buoys to be placed.

 This counts as a ship, right?

They had a large display about Belugas in the Arctic but nothing about the pod that lives in the St Lawrence river in the Tadoussac area.

 Below:  Louise.  Adventurous to the end.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

New London, Connecticut, USA. April 22 & 23, 2017

Cross Sound Ferry Susan Anne - formerly Northumberland Ferries Prince Nova.
Sailed between Caribou, NS and Wood Islands, PEI.
 Built in 1964.  Bought by Cross Sound Ferry in 1998.
It required an Act of Congress to buy and operate under the US flag as the ship was not built in the US and was not in accordance with the Jones Act.
 It was completely rebuilt to include new passenger cabins with aircraft-style seating, hydraulic lift decks for autos, and improvements to the engineroom, electrical and propulsion systems.
Who needs funnels?
For a photo of the Prince Nova visit this page:  Prince Nova Photo
 In 2012 its GM motors were upgraded to EPA Tier 2 emissions standards.
 It can carry 80 autos and 840 passengers.  
This was a pleasant surprise as I had sailed on the PN many times to get back and forth to the CCG base in Charlottetown, PEI when I worked there.

Also in New London at the ferry complex were two hovercraft built by Vanair Hovercraft of Kenora, Ontario.  These are diesel-drive craft.
 The first few photos are of Blackbird X.

 This is model Vector V25.  Specs for this craft are Here.
Above:   In the background is the former Prince Nova.

 Inside views.  Some of you who have operated this type of craft will be familiar with much of this.

 Below:  New seats added without removing the original bench seats.  It is currently certified for 12 passengers although built for 25.

 Above:  Stephane, one of the operators.

 Mercedes-type gull-wing doors.
 The next few photos are of Blackbird VII.
 A bit smaller craft.
 They transport those who wish to travel back and forth to their estates on the outlying islands.  They deliver directly to private beaches if requested.

Below:  Genco Bay working cargo.
Genco Bay
Gross Tonnage:  23456
Length:  180 m
Beam:  30 m
Built:  2010
 Sea Jet 1, belonging to Cross Sound Ferry, crosses between New London and Orient Point, NY in just 40 minutes, maximum speed is 30 knots.  It delivers up to 400 passengers to New London and a bus ride to the local casino.
 It was built in Washington state and worked in California until purchased by Cross Sound in 1995.
 Sea Jet 1 was repowered in 2012 with Caterpillar 3512 CHD high-speed diesels certified to Tier 2 emissions standards.
Finallement, from across the river, the Genco Bay continues working after dark.

Next morning...
Above:  Genco Bay preparing to sail.
Below:  Another of Cross Sound's ferries.  Mary Ellen, capable of 15 knots.  Purchased in 2003. Capacity of 85 vehicles and 675 passengers.  Repowered in 2010 with Caterpillar EPA Tier 2 engines.
 Below:  Sea Jet backed into its loading wharf.