Thursday, 14 September 2017

Halifax, Nova Scotia. July 22 & 23, 2017 - sailing at last!

One last walk around the harbourfront area before sailing for the Arctic.


 Above:  IRB?  Inshore-Rescue Boat from CCG.  Great way to earn money and spend your summer.
Below:  Len's Legacy, a different fishing boat.

 Above:  Zodiacs and lots of gas for shore excursions.
Below:  Some of the electronics on the mast and top deck.

Above:  Ready to depart.
Below:  Drat, sailing delayed until tomorrow.  Pilot boat departs.
July 23, 2017
Above:  Most of the crew before departure.  The Captain decided to take photos instead.
Below:  Sign of a huge celebration for Halifax Pride week.

Above:  Final look at our two faithful companions.
 Pier 21.
Below:  Because of the unique hull shape of the Silver Cloud the pilot was taken off over the stern instead of alongside.  It worked well.  To see the video of this operation click here.
Below:  First sign of things to come.  Iceberg in the Strait of Belle Isle.  July 25, 2017

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Halifax, Nova Scotia. July 21, 2017.

Well, my ship has come in but our sailing date has been set for July 23.  Consequently I spent more time wandering and taking photos.  Some will be repeats, others new, but always the light will be different.
Above:  Pilot station.  Scotia Pilot, Chebucto Pilot and, an old-timer, APA 1.
 Herring Seiners Tasha Marie & Morning Star.  They were regular visitors to the dock astern of us, and they drew frequent crowds when their crew explained their workings.

Some of the working areas of the seiners.
The hoses are used to unload the fish.  More here.

 Looks like a rat's nest but it is prepared for the next journey.
 Stern loading for their seine-pulling boats.

 Above:  Canada's 150th birthday.
Below:  Always food on a seine net.

 Ferry Halifax III.

 Construction in the city.

 Above:  The Bicycle Thief is a restaurant on the waterfront.
More Here.
 If lobsters were really this cute there would be protests against that fishery.
  Below:  Lovely clouds.

 Harbour Hopper out and about.  Or, as we pronounce it in Canada, "Oot 'n Aboot".

 Above:  "OK, Dad, I've finished my lunch and am some bored."
Below:  Me and the lobster.

Ubiquitous flying machines.
Above:  Pigeon.
Below:  RCAF AgustaWestland CH-149 Search & Rescue helicopter.  Among other interesting facts a 103 Squadron CH-149 flew a 1200 km round-trip rescue mission to a container ship off Newfoundland.  Two refuelling stops at the Hibernia oil platform were required.
More info on this aircraft here.
 They were practicing approach and station-keeping with the orange lifeboat
seen under the helo in the lower photo.

Way too many views of the pilot boat Scotia Pilot.

 During construction along the waterfront it has been necessary to install a temporary Sea Bridge to allow people to continue to walk along the water.  It floats!  More here.

 Patiently waiting to depart for the Arctic.

Silver Cloud.

 Harbour tour boat Summer Bay heads out.

 Mega Yacht Sycara V.  It's for sale for a mere $74 million US.  More here.

 Theodore Too.  Not a super yacht.  Not even a real tug.  Passing Georges Island.
 Below:  Tucked away for the night.

 More views of the Viola Desmond.

 Halifax Wave, or tongue!  Great shelter from the sun on a scorching day.

 Woodside III 

 Above:  With CH-149 SAR helo in background.