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Rotterdam, Netherlands - September 26, 2017

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 Rotterdam is a busy port.
A number of these smaller craft are constantly moving about.
Atlantic Performer
Type:  Inland Motor Tanker
Length: 2135 m; Beam: 513.5 m
Built: 2011
Gross Tonnage:
Deadweight Tonnage: 

As are larger ships.
Besiktas Dardanelles
Type:  Tanker
Length: 274 m; Beam: 50 m
Built: 2005
Gross Tonnage: 84491
Deadweight Tonnage: 163750

Above:  Iala Region "A" Bifurcation Buoy.
Preferred channel to starboard (right) when heading upstream.

IALA is chiefly known for its buoyage system.  As early as 1976, there were more than 30 dissimilar buoyage systems in use throughout the world.  To avoid confusion and help create safe navigation to mariners of different nations IALA have created worldwide a buoyage system.

To minimize the number of changes to existing systems and to meet conflicting requirements IALA decided to create a system divided into two regions.
Region A:  Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Gulf and some Asian countries. (Green-right-returning)
Region B:  North, Central & South America, Japan, North & South Korea and the Philippines. (Red-right-returning)
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Cape Celtic
Type:  Bulker
Length: 229 m; Beam: 32 m
Built: 2011
Gross Tonnage: 44325
Deadweight Tonnage: 81874

De Nieuwe Prins
Type:  Passenger
Length: 31 m; Beam: 7.5 m
Built: ?
Gross Tonnage: ?
Deadweight Tonnage: ? 
Above & Below:
Type:  Inland Tug
Length: 196 m (with barges); Beam: 11.4 m
Built: ?
Gross Tonnage: ?
Deadweight Tonnage: ? 

Notice the automobiles carried on board.

Fairplay X
Type:  Tug
Length: 25m; Beam: 11.2m
Built: 2009
Gross Tonnage: 308
Deadweight Tonnage: 245 
Above & Below:
Fixut Maris
Type:  Cargo
Length: 136m; Beam: 23m
Built: 2001
Gross Tonnage: ?
Deadweight Tonnage: 3202 

Automobiles on board this one as well.

Above & Below:
Type:  Hopper Dredger
Length: 107m; Beam: 15.5m
Built: 1979
Gross Tonnage: 2854
Deadweight Tonnage: 2205

Above:  Piping to allow the spoils to be pumped ashore into a pipeline
or blown into a restricted area, such as when making new islands, docks, etc.

Above:  Nerves of steel required here.
Above & Below:
Type:  Tanker
Length: 85m; Beam: 9.6m
Built: 2010
Gross Tonnage: ?
Deadweight Tonnage: ?

Above & Below:
MSC Atlantic
Type:  Container
Length: 237m; Beam: 32.2m
Built: 1991
Gross Tonnage: 37071
Deadweight Tonnage: 46975

Above & Below:
Smit Schelde as the stern tug for the MSC Atlantic
Type:  Tug
Length: 28.7m; Beam: 9.8m
Built: 2008
Gross Tonnage: 285
Deadweight Tonnage: 150
This tug is registered in Malta.

Type:  Pilot
Length: 23m; Beam: 7m
Built: ?
Gross Tonnage: ?
Deadweight Tonnage: ?
Pilot launch that delivers pilots from the Mother Ship to and from their jobs outside the harbour.
Above & Below:
Type:  Pilot mother ship
Length: 81m; Beam: 13.3m
Built: 2014
Gross Tonnage: 2501
Deadweight Tonnage: 914

Above & Below:
Type:  Crude Oil Tanker
Length: 235m; Beam: 42m
Built: 2003
Gross Tonnage: 54865
Deadweight Tonnage: 92968
Above:  Appears to be set up to take delivery of crude from an offshore delivery buoy/pipe.

Above & Below:
Pride of Rotterdam
Type:  Ro-Ro Passenger
Length: 215m; Beam: 32m
Built: 2001
Gross Tonnage: 59925
Deadweight Tonnage: 10100
Ferries are always arriving or departing.

Above:  Finishing touches to the unload of the Rio Tamara.
Below:  Smit Schelde alongside in preparation for departure.
Below:  Main mast.

Above & Below:  Line Handlers at work.
Below:  The scene astern.

Type:  Buoy Tender
Length: 44m; Beam: 10m
Built: 1987
Gross Tonnage: 514
Deadweight Tonnage: 111
Above & Below:
Type:  Dredge
Length: 113m; Beam: 18m
Built: 1960
Gross Tonnage: 4458
Deadweight Tonnage: 5517

Above & Below:
Seaways Montauk
Type:  Tanker
Length: 274m; Beam: 48m
Built: 2017
Gross Tonnage: 81433
Deadweight Tonnage: 158432

Above & Below:
Type:  Ro-Ro Cargo
Length: 152m; Beam: 22m
Built: 2012
Gross Tonnage: 16342
Deadweight Tonnage: 6600

Above & Below:
Stena Scotia
Type:  Ro-Ro Cargo
Length: 142m; Beam: 23m
Built: 1996
Gross Tonnage: 13017
Deadweight Tonnage: 5928

Above & Below:
Type:  Tug
Length: 32m; Beam: 11.6m
Built: 2008
Gross Tonnage: 476
Deadweight Tonnage: ?
Tug Triton takes the Rio Tamara stern off the dock.