Monday, 18 December 2017

Narsarsuaq, Greenland. July 28, 2017

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Above:  Berg with house on shore.
Below:  One of several drones on board the ship.

Above:  No matter how you spell it, it's still Gas.
Below:  Same Berg, different view.

Narsarrsuaq, Greenland. July 27, 2017

 Icebergs in many shapes and sizes and Dandelions.  All part of the charm of Greenland.
Dandelions are my favourite plant.  They offer brilliant flowers in early spring and their roots provide a highway for worms to move up and down through the soil.  
More on dandelions here.
Narsarsuaq is a settlement in the Kujalleq municipality in southern Greenland.
It had 158 inhabitants in 2010.
 A land of fjords and mountains.
Below:  Cruise ship for scale with the hills.

 Above:  Looking back.

 More shapes and sizes.

 Below:  A marina!
Where is Tasermiut Fjord?  It's here.   
Above:  Tour South Greenland.  More Here.
 Below:  A 'real' LandRover, complete with snorkel.  
The Land Rover Defender was developed from the original Land Rover Series launched in June 1948.  After a continuous run of 67 years production finally ended on January 29, 2016 when the last Defender rolled off the production line.  Jaguar Land Rover announced their intention to launch a replacement new Defender.  (Probably some mamby-pamby version for snowflakes! - ed)

 Greenland is, in many ways, very green.  Some examples follow.

 Belowq:  My travelling companion.  OK, it's a bit weird.
Piglet loves to travel and who am I to deny her wishes?
 Where is Narsarrsuaq?  Here it is!


 Below:  There must be lots of water at some point in the year to require a bridge like this.

 Below:  What now holds the world together.

 Below:  Cursed outboards!
Flag of Greenland, or Kalaallit Nunaat, celebrated its 32nd anniversary on June 10, 2017.
The symbolism of the flag, according to its designer Thue Christiansen, is as follows:  
"the large white part in the flag symbolizes the ice cap and our fjords are represented by the red part in the circle.  The white part of tghe circle symbolizes the ice bergs and the pack ice, and the large red part in the flag represents the ocean."

It's amazing where people sail to. 
 Above:  Tells its own story.
 Above:  Once up inside the fiord the number of icebergs diminished.
Below:  Notice the gangway.  All electrically controlled and it tucks away neatly.

 These orange ferries are everywhere it seems.
This one is the Aviaq Attik.
I believe they belong to the Disko Line.  More Here.