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Nuuk, Greenland. July 29, 2017

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Above:  Our agent awaits.
Above & Below:
Johanna Kristina
Type:  General Cargo
Length: 36m; Beam: 7.55 m
Built: 1960 - Positively ancient for a sea-going cargo ship.
Gross Tonnage: 254
Deadweight Tonnage: 225

Above:  Approaching the dock.
Below:  New-build dock facilities.

Above & Below:
Cement Trader
Type:  Cargo
Length: 106 m; Beam: 15 m
Built: 1980
Gross Tonnage: 3993
Deadweight Tonnage: 6392

Above & Below:
Type:  Icebreaker
Length: 116 m; Beam: 26 m
Built: 1994
Gross Tonnage: 9392
Deadweight Tonnage: 1650
The Nordica, Finnish-flag, set a record for the earliest crossing of the NorthWest Passage, west to east.  The previous record was held, I believe, by the Polar Prince, of which I was the Captain.
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Below:  A wee hill visible on the way into and out of Nuuk.

Freeport, Bahamas - January 14 to 23, 2018

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Above:  Carnival Victory in one of the floating drydocks.
This is the 3rd of five Destiny-Class cruise ships, also referred to as Triumph-class.
Launched in 2000 by Fincantieri at its Monfalcone shipyard in northern Italy.
Carries 3400 passengers and 1000 crew.
Damaged container.  Could have been caused at sea or at the terminal.
There were a number of these stored at one end of the terminal.
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Above:  Longer view of the various dry docks.
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Tug RM Barracuda.
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Note the firefighting monitors forward of the bridge.

Followed by RM Marlin.
IMO #:  9627203
Registered:  St Vincent Grenadines
Gross Tonnage:  340
Length:  29m
Breadth:  10.5m
Built:  2011 PACC Yuexin Ocean Engineering - Zhuhai, China
Engines:  2 x 3236 kW Daihatsu, 6 cylinder, 260mm bore
Props:  2 x Azimuthal fixed pitch.

Above:  Life finds a way to grow just about anywhere.
Container ship MSC Vittoria turns before approaching the container terminal.
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Above:  Svitzer Pacuare.
Below:  Svitzer Reventazon.
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Note the crew member working around the nozzle of the Ocean Traverse Nord.

Above:  Tug Titan working around the dry docks.
Adventure of the Seas, one of Royal Caribbean's large cruise ships.
Below:  Tucked in amongst the lifeboats is the emergency, man-overboard boat.
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Carnival Victory after departing drydock.
Length:  893 ft (279m)
Beam:  116 ft (35.4m)
Draft 27 ft (8.2m)
Gross Tonnage:  101,509
Power:  34,000 kW, Diesel-electric; 2 x controllable pitch props
Speed 21 knots

Maersk Semarang arriving at the container port.
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Tanker Florida arrives for drydocking.
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Below:  Florida all secured and out of the water.
Below:  Red Snapper at Taino by the Sea, overlooking the harbour entrance.
The restaurant employees also fed the local sharks at a specified time, and the sharks knew!
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Svitzer Hanne.
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Allure of the Seas - a honkin' big cruise ship.
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Lest you think this is free advertising...I cannot imagine sharing these special events with 5,400 other people.  Unique does not apply here.
Gross Tonnage:  242,282
Length:  362m (1187 ft)
Beam:  47m (154 ft)
Height above the waterline:  72m (236 ft)
Draft:  9.3m (30.6 ft)
Power:  3 x Wartsila 13,860 kW 12V46D
Propulsion:  3 x 20 MW (27,000 HP) ABB Azipod
Crew:  2384 to go along with your 5400 friends.
Below:  Lifeboats on the Allure are nearly as big as a tug.

MSC Kim arrives.  Notice all the empty container racks aft of the superstructure.

Moving into place.

Svitzer Mereid assisting a large crane barge that works at the dry docks.
Below:  A bollard to tie ships up to.

Above:  Repair facilities include dock space adjacent to the dry docks.
Heavy lift ship Transporter arrives for a quick cargo job.