Sunday, 15 April 2018

CCGS Pierre Radisson in the Welland Canal - March 30, 2018

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Above:  Not a lot of room for this ship, either
Below:  Pollution containment & cleanup equipment
carried on board all CCG capital ships.
Who was Pierre Esprit Radisson?
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 Above:  Wheelhouse top, aka "Monkey Island"
Below:  Newish helicopter for CCG.
Fleetwide supply of Bell 429s which replaced the fleet of
Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm BO 105s.
 More info on these helicopters, Click Here.
Clear of Lock 3 and upbound toward Lake Superior to assist with
icebreaking and escorts of commercial ships.
 Gross Tonnage:  5775
Deadweight:  2865
Length:  98.3m
Beam:  19.5m
Built:  1978
Main Engines:  6 x Alco M251F
Power:  10142 kw
Props:  2 x fixed pitch
Bow thruster:  Yes
Emergency Generator:  1 x Caterpillar 398
Generators:  3 x MTU 400
Diesel Electric AC/DC
Above: Helicopter on the pad with hanger retracted.
Also, Red & White structure for the duty Quartermasters
when the ship is tied up and
the QMs are standing security watches.  (QM = Wheelsman)
Below:  On the way to the flight locks.
Below:  Map of Radisson's wanderings about Lake Superior.
Notice also the red track of Alexander Mackenzie to the west coast.
He made it to the Pacific 12 years before that Lewis & Clark crowd.
Sir Alexander Mackenzie was the first European to traverse
the North American continent north of Mexico.