Saturday, 27 October 2018

Nuuk, Greenland. July 25, 2018

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Things to see around the main harbour.
 Above:  A Power Wagon by Dodge.  Still runs!  Want to buy one?  Click Here.
Below:  A hill.

 Above:  A rather large yacht with a Danish warship in the background.
Below:  Fishing vessel Markus, with refuelling tanker alongside.  More on Markus, Click Here.
Below:  The tanker is larger than the fishing vessel.
 Below:  A Mercedes truck used to lift cargo from smaller fishing vessels.

 Above & Below:  Royal Arctic Line ships working cargo.

 Above & Below:  Greenlanders certainly do like their small boats!

 And more.
 Above & Below:  Do you know what that thing is that's covered with a tarp?  Answer below.
 Below:  All three ships at the relatively new terminal.
Answer:  It's a harpoon gun for whaling.  To read a comprehensive report by the IWC about Greenland whaling Click Here.
 Above & Below:  Tug Masik Master.  It's the only tug in town!  More Here.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Bristol and Portland, Maine. October 20 & 21, 2018

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 Above:  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, located in Bristol, Lincoln County, Maine, USA at the tip of Pemaquid Neck.
Below:  There are two plaques about early arrivals at this site.  This is one.

 Above:  Self-explanatory.
Below:  Gulls will rest anywhere.

 Above & Below:  A small surf.
"It's OK honey, I can swim."
Said a number of people who tested surf conditions.

 For more info about this lighthouse Click Here.
 Above & Below:  Stevens Striking Machine.

 Above:  Not only is the surf dangerous...
Below:  Pondering.
 Below:  Last look.

 Above & Below:  Anthem of the Seas departing Portland, Maine on a cold, blustery day.  Notice the pilot boat just under the Royal Caribbean sign.
 Below:  What is that and how much does it cost to go for a ride?
To see Deck Plans Click Here.
 More about the Anthem of the Seas, and its nearly $1 Billion price tag, Click Here.
 Below:  Sometimes the sun and the moon and the clouds are just right!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Rockland, North Haven & Mount Battie, Maine. October 19, 2018

We took a little side trip to see some of the sights in a small area of Maine.
Above & Below:  Rockland ferry terminal seen from land side and sea side.
The ferry is the Captain Neal Burgess.
More?  Click Here.

Above:  Another of the ferries, Everett Libby, one of the spare inter-island ferries in Rockland.

Below:  And, the North Haven, yet another spare inter-island ferry.

Above and Below:
Approaching the ferry dock in North Haven.

 Below:  At the ferry dock in North Haven.

Above & Below:
Scenes around the harbor.

Above:  Ferry Captain Neal Burgess in North Haven.
 Above & Below:
Granite is used to hold up buildings and docks, partly because it does not deteriorate in salt water and partly because there's lots of it around!

 Above & Below: Boat lift.

Above:  The Fizzical Therapy.
A lovely fishing boat used only to take tourists out and about.
 Above:  Calderwood Hall and Northhaven Brewing.  
More on Calderwood Hall, Click Here.
More on the brewing company, Click Here.

 Above & Below:  A strangely bent tree, with a log support.
Below:  Memorial.
Below: Several more views around the community.

 Above & Below:
Cruise ship Serenade of the Seas anchored outside Rockland.
There are no facilities to dock ships of this size, so passengers must be taken ashore by tender.
The itinerary, as shown Here, was changed, probably due to weather.
Hurricane season and all that.
 Below:  Keeper-class cutter USCGC Abbie Burgess WLM-553 at her base in Rockland.
A bit more Here.

OK, we moved on to visit Mount Battie in the Camden Hills State Park. 
 Above & Below:  Camden harbor and Penobscot Bay in the background.
Paul & Louise, travel partners.
 Much more about Mount Battie, from the Maine Encyclopedia, Click Here.
 Above & Below:  still lots of boats in the water in Camden Harbor, late October.
Everything you need to know about Camden Harbor, Click Here
 Attempts to portray autumn colours.