Monday, 19 November 2018

Seattle, Washington. June 30, 2018

Random Photos.
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Being Seattle, it was overcast and grey!
Arctic Sunrise secured.
A decade or so ago this ship went up the Welland Canal,
followed by a number of police cars and other surveillance outfits.

IMO: 7382902,  MMSI:  244538000
Type:  Research / Survey
Gross Tonnage:  1017,  Summer DWT:  610
Built:  1975, Vaagen Verft Engineering - Kyrkesaeterora, Norway
Flag:  Netherlands

Society:  DNL GL,  Notation:  + 1A1 Icebreaker

Engine:  MAK Maschinebau, 9 cylinders, 1618 kW, Stroke 320 mm, 1 x fixed pitch propellor

 Above:  Bird on a Wire.
Click Here to listen to Leonard Cohen perform his song live.
 Less poetic, birds in the water.  No song for them.

Elettra III, originally built for the Marconi Company.  
Now being retrofitted as a science and marine technology laboratory and research vessel for kids.
Much more information about this ship, including original drawings, Click Here.

Above:  Small family gathering at a fish food restaurant.
Below:  More family.

Above:  Louise found something exciting.
Below:  Besides him!

 Hiram M Chittenden Locks.
They have a web site with oodles of information.  Click Here.

 Below:  For sale - As is.
 Below:  Ram used to open and close lock gates.
Below:  USACE vessel Puget.
Length:  20 m;    Beam:  8 m;    Max Draft:  2 m
 Below:  Locking through.
 Below:  Sluice way at dam.

 Above:  Bridge over the canal.
Below:  Locking through.

 Above & Below:  There is a fish ladder to allow the fish to bypass the dam.
More about the fish ladder & locks, Click Here.

 Above & Below:  From our balcony at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.  
This was not planned, but was a pleasant surprise when we stepped outside.
Below:  The Edgewater Hotel has several places to lounge about.
Apparently the Beatles fished from their room at this hotel back in the days of, well, Beatle road trips.
More here.
 Below:  More boats.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. July 26, 27 & 28, 2018

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July 26
 Above & Below:  Cruise ship Hanseatic anchored off the community.  It stayed overnight.
 Below:  Several views of the landscape and glaciers in the area.

 More about Kangerlussuaq, Click Here.

 More Here.

 What to do when you are hanging around the airport, Click Here.

 Information about the airport, Click Here.  You will notice there are no photos of the airport; that's because I did not get there.
 Above:  Docking facility.  Not deep enough for most ships.
Below:  Tanker Orasila pumping fuel ashore using a floating hose.  More about M.H. Simonsen ApS, the company that owns this tanker, Click Here.

July 27
 Above & Below:  Hanseatic just before leaving for other locales.  Renamed RCGS Resolute in October 2018.  RCGS = Royal Canadian Geographical Society.
RCGS info Here.  They also publish a lovely magazine, Here.
 More on the Hanseatic, Click Here.
 Below:  Orasila still pumping fuel ashore.

July 28
 Above:  A closer view of the landing facility.  We were too large to tie up there.
 Above & Below:  Photos courtesy of the Captain.
 Below:  Official-looking boat approaches us at our anchorage.