Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Barbados. April 11 to 14, 2019

Above:  Eating at Toronto Pearson airport.
Below:  Our conveyance.  Phew, the seats are cramped!

Above:  Says it all.
Below:  The only place for food that was open after we arrived.

 Above:  Sliders.
Below:  Fying Fish.  Very tasty; I tried to eat them each day we were on the island

 We stayed at the Atlantis Inn, Bathsheba.
 The Inn is on the East coast of Barbados, far from the crowded touristy areas.

 There used to be a railway station here.

Above:  Showing the railway.
Below:  Railway schedule.

Some scenes around the Inn. 

 Believe it or not the waters around Barbados have been badly overfished.  Much of what they serve at meals is imported.

 View northward.

 More views around the Inn.

 Above & Below:  Coral.


 Above:  We found this restaurant at the north tip of the island.
 What type of bird is this?  Besides a hungry bird?

Below:  More views around the Inn.

 Above:  Sugar and sweetener packages have to be covered because the little birds open them up and spread the contents all over.

 Above:  Old railway bed.

Above:  Our room.  We kept the door open all the time.  Sounds of sea and breeze lulled us to sleep.
Below:  Louise in our room.

 Above:  One uses what one can when building.

 Above & Below:  Outside dining.  Sort of.

 Inside dining.

 On our floor.

Above:  I did not know a ship could carry so much sail.
 Below:  Scenes from our room.