Friday, 14 June 2019

June 2019. Early in the month. Portland, Maine, USA

 Above:  Container ship Pictor J alongside the container berth.  
One of several ships on a regular run for Eimskip. 
Capacity of 925 TEU.
TEU is Twenty-Foot Equivalent.  
Explanation here.
 Norwegian Dawn outbound.
92250 Gross tons, Draft 8.6 metres, Length 294 metres, Beam 38 metres.
Built 2002
 Below:  Pilot boat leads the way with harbourmaster launch lending a hand.

2 x Man B&W, 14 cylinders, 58800 kw.
Engine stroke 480 mm
2 x fixed pitch propellers

 Above:  Pilot boat Spring Point and harbourmaster launch.
More on Portland Harbor & Pilots here.

 Above & Below:  American Constitution outbound.
 About 270 feet long.
Passenger load about 175.
There is a dearth of information on line about this ship.
 These small ships duck into places the bigger ones can't go.  
In this case New England ports are emphasized.

 Celebrity Summit also leaving.
90940 Gross tons, Draft 8.5 metres, Length 294 metres, Beam 32 metres.
Built 2001

2 x Paxman, 18 cylinders, 71242 kw.
Engine stroke 185 mm
2 x fixed pitch propellers
 These ships disgorge thousands of tourists for several hours.  
Many of them take tour buses up the coast to the LL Bean flagship store.  
Others visit many of the coastal communities or simply wander about Portland.
 Below:  Portland Head Light, not Headlight.  
I took a lot of shots trying to get the light while flashing, and it worked.  
Characteristics:  Fl W 4s  101 ft  24 miles
White light that flashes every 4 seconds.
Light is 101 feet above sea level.
Visible range of light is 24 miles.
USCG List of Lights.
The first few pages have all sorts of fascinating information and imagery.
Click Here.
 Below:  One of two schooners that offer tours around Casco Bay, 
which adjoins Portland harbour.

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