Sunday, 20 October 2019

Welland Canal. October 18, 19 & 20, 2019

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October 18
 Baie Comeau downbound in the evening light, below Lock 2.

October 19
Robert S Pierson, not a frequent visitor to the Canal, upbound above Lock 1.
Passing the Algoma Compass below Lock 2.

 Algoma Compass on the way to Lock 1 and Lake Ontario.

 Atlantic Huron at the Homer Bridge.

October 20
 My first look at the new tanker Paul A Desgagnes, here at the Homer bridge.

Above:  Approaching Lock 3.
Below:  Algoma Enterprise secured in Port Colborne to take on stores.
 Below:  The main attraction this day was the arrival of the dead-ship tow
Sarah Spencer to the scrap yard of Marine Recycling Corp
in Port Colborne.
 Molly M I was the lead tug assisted by several other tugs.
Inching past other ships also waiting to be dismantled.

 Approaching the wall with two tugs pushing sideways toward the dock.
 Molly M I just after dropping the tow line.
 Above:  Some of the other ships waiting for the cutter's torch can be seen in the background.
Below:  Tugs holding the Spencer on the wall until all lines are secured.

 Above:  Right to left:  Algoma Enterprise, Radcliffe R  Latimer, Lake Erie fish tug.
 Radcliffe R Latimer manoeuvering into the space behind the Algoma Enterprise.
Latimer was also taking on supplies.

Molly M I finished and downbound for Hamilton.

Pilot boat J W Cooper outbound from Port Colborne to take the pilot off the following Algosea.

Canadian Masters and Mates with 'Pilotage' certificates are now in short supply.
Consequently some Canadian-flag ships must take pilots in the Seaway and the Welland Canal.

Passing fleetmate Radcliffe R Latimer.

It was close quarters for a while.
Above:  The English River, also waiting to be scrapped, 
was moved farther out in preparation for its move onto the shore the next morning.
Yet another Algoma ship - this time the Algoma Transport upbound toward Lake Erie.

Evening light on the Sarah Spencer.

After a long day transiting the canal the Paul A Desgagnes finally passes through Port Colborne.

Below:  Algoma Enterprise leaves the dock in Port Colborne and heads downbound.

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